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Woke Up With a Cracked Tooth in MA? Here is Why.

Finding cracked teeth isn’t uncommon to us in this day and age. It happens to the best of us, even if we are unaware of it. Today, your skilled team at Smile Boutique is here to tell you one of the most common ways a cracked tooth in MA happens, how to fix it, and how to avoid it altogether.


Why did my tooth crack?

Your tooth may have cracked for several reasons. Sometimes, eating hard foods such as ice, hard candy, and nuts could cause cracks. In addition, fillings can also be the cause if they were created to be too large for the area they are in. However, unknown to most, you can also get cracked teeth by something called bruxism. 


What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is a dental condition where your clench, gnash or grind your teeth to the point that they crack. Most of the time, bruxism happens when you are the least aware that you are doing it, like sleeping. 


What causes bruxism?

There are a couple of different reasons why this happens to people. There are certain behavioral factors that can cause bruxism to happen, such as:


  • People who do not handle stress well
  • Highly competitive individuals 
  • People who consume a lot of caffeine
  • Smokers or drinkers
  • People who have sleep apnea or ADHD


Does bruxism happen during the day?

Some elements of bruxism do happen during the day. Typically, we do not grind our teeth in frustration of something. However, many people in the categories above find themselves clenching their jaws. 


How to stop bruxism from happening

Just like there are many reasons for bruxism to happen, there are a few methods to help you to stop. However, keep in mind that your chosen method is the right one for you. If you know that your bruxism is caused by stress, try calming activities to help with your stress. These activities can include listening to music, going for a walk, meditation, or deep breathing. On the other hand, if your bruxism is caused by sleep apnea or ADHD, you may need to consider looking into a mouthguard.


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Mouthguards for bruxism

Using a mouthguard when you sleep is one of the best ways to prevent your teeth from cracking due to bruxism. They are known to protect the wearer from teeth grinding and all of the pains that can come from it. While there are options for a one size fits all mouthguard, our team at Smile Boutique can help you get the right fit for your teeth. 


Let Smile Boutique help with your MA cracked tooth.

At Smile Boutique, we want to find the best options for your teeth. Our skilled team strives to provide the most up to date dental care, including fixing a cracked tooth in MA. We consider our patients as extended family, ensuring that you and your loved ones can get the best care and service with a smile.


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