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Latest In-Office Technology

Vizilite Pro Oral Cancer Device

The Vizilite Pro aids in visualizing oral tissue abnormalities. The dentist will examine the mouth through this device for about 1-2 minutes and will be able to identify if there are any abnormalities in the mouth that need further investigation. It can detect the earlier stages of oral cancer that are not usually discoverable by a simple visual exam.


The iTero is an intraoral scanner that can take a 3D photo of the mouth – which in turn can help both the dentist and patient visualize the condition of their teeth. It can assess the patient’s bite, detect cavities in real time, and can create a timelapse of how your teeth are improving over time with treatment.

X-Ray System

X-rays are an imperative aid in diagnosing a wide range of dental issues. They can provide the dentist with a better visualization of what they otherwise cannot see with the naked eye, which is why they are so important. They can show decay in between teeth, cysts, infections, bone loss due to periodontal disease, and much more. X-rays are normally taken every 6 months on a routine basis, depending on the individual’s treatment. To read more about the safety of dental X-rays, visit the ADA’s site.

Intraoral camera

Dentists and dental hygienists can use an intraoral camera for the purpose of educating their patients on their oral health. It is used for taking close-up, measured photos of teeth or anywhere in the interior of the mouth. By reviewing the photos together, the patient can be able to visualize what conditions they may have and discuss with the dentist in which treatments can help.