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Unhappy with Your MA Dentist Office? Come to Us!

The quality of your dental care isn’t only measured by the health of your teeth, although that is very important. The way your dentist approaches your dental care also makes a significant distance. Many people hesitate or put off going to the dentist because they assume they are going to have an unpleasant experience. If this is the way you feel about your MA dentist office, it’s time for a change. Specifically, a change to Smile Boutique Dental!


Let us show you what your first visit will be like if you choose us as your MA dentist office.


We take the time to get to know you.

When you schedule your first visit, be sure to choose a day when you have plenty of time. We don’t just dive into your dental care before we have the full picture. To do that, we spend an hour getting to know each of our new patients. We talk about your medical and dental history and what your goals are concerning your oral and overall health. Our team doesn’t think of you just as a set of teeth. You’re a whole person, and we treat you that way.


We make sure you are ready for every step.

Many people are uncomfortable or nervous about visiting the dentist. We understand why you might be, but we also want you to know there’s no reason to be. To help all our patients feel comfortable—both kids and adults—we do all we can to ensure you are prepared for every part of your visit. It’s important to us that our patients know what is going on, so we walk you through what will happen during your visit and why we take each step.


We personalize your dental care to you.

While there is basic dental care that everyone receives, we don’t treat dental care as a one-size-fits-all practice. Because cosmetic dentistry and restorations are an integral part of what we do, personalized dental care is at the heart of our practice. No two people are exactly alike, and neither are their dental needs. We give you a comprehensive analysis of your oral health and recommend treatments that will improve your health and help you meet your goals.


Make Smile Boutique Your MA Dentist Office

At Smile Boutique, we listen to all our patients and take their goals and needs seriously. If you have had a bad experience at a dentist office in MA in the past, come to us to see how we do things differently.


Contact us at 781-729-1444 or request an appointment via our website.