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Straighten Your Smile with Fast Braces in Massachusetts

Almost no one is so blessed as to have perfectly straight teeth without any intervention. To correct our crooked teeth, many of us had braces as children or teenagers, along with all the awkwardness and difficulties of having all that metal in our mouths for a year or more.  If you want to correct your crooked teeth as an adult, the idea of having traditional braces now is even less appealing than it was when you were a teen. However, we have a solution: fast braces in Massachusetts from Smile Boutique!


But what are fast braces? Read on to learn more about this alternative to traditional orthodontics in Massachusetts.


Braces, Only Faster

In a nutshell, that is the difference between traditional braces and fast braces. Fast braces also have individual brackets that adhere to each of your teeth, but the design and the way they straighten your teeth are different. Fast braces have triangular brackets with a square-like wire that reaches to the roots of your teeth. This wire is what makes fast braces different from traditional braces.


Two Steps in One

The reason fast braces are so fast is because they combine two steps into one. Traditional braces move the crowns of your teeth first and then the roots. Separating these two steps is why traditional braces take so long. Fast braces move the crowns and roots of your teeth at the same time, so you can have nice straight teeth in a matter of months rather than having to wear braces for a year or more.


Maintaining Your Smile

Because fast braces do work so much faster than traditional braces, you have to check in with your dentist periodically to ensure everything is progressing smoothly. Compared to traditional braces, you will need checkups more often with fast braces. If something is moving in the wrong way, it can cause a serious problem if your dentist doesn’t correct it. After removing the braces, you will also receive a retainer, just like with traditional braces, but you can wear it for fewer hours out of the day. After removing traditional braces, patients are supposed to wear their retainers for 22 hours a day for the first few months. With fast braces, you can wear your retainer for under an hour each day to maintain your smile.


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