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How to Spot If You Need a Root Canal

Root canal procedures have come a long way since the days when our grandparents were young. Getting a root canal used to be big deal, but now it’s not much more intense than having a cavity filled. At Smile Boutique, we use all the latest technology and advanced techniques to make getting a root canal in Massachusetts simple so you can get on with your day and your life without tooth pain. But how do you know if you need a root canal?

Here are four signs that it’s time to visit your dentist about a root canal in Massachusetts.


Severe Mouth Pain

This is the most common and clearest sign that you might need a root canal procedure. Any time you have pain in your mouth, you should always tell your dentist about it. But certain types of pain can be a sign that you need a root canal. A wave of spontaneous pain is a likely indicator that you have an infected or dead tooth that may require a root canal procedure.


Heat and Cold Sensitivity

If your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a root canal. It could be a sign of worn tooth enamel or exposed roots. Those conditions should both be addressed, but they usually don’t require a root canal. If the sensitivity and pain linger for a while after you ate or drank something hot or cold, that is a sign that the underlying cause needs to be treated with a root canal.


Swollen or Darkened Gums

Every area of your mouth health affects every other area. So an issue with your teeth will affect your gums. An infected tooth can cause swelling and pain in your gums. If your gums are noticeably darker than they should be, that is a sign that an infected tooth has caused decay in your gums.


Cracked or Chipped Tooth

A cracked or chipped tooth can signify that you need a root canal in one of two ways. If your tooth was cracked or chipped because of a trauma, the pulp inside the tooth may have become infected or inflamed. Conversely, if the tooth is infected or decayed to the point that the tooth is dead, that can cause it to crack or chip.

Root Canal in Massachusetts at Smile Boutique

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