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Dental Bridges MA: When Do You Need Them?

In the practice of cosmetic dentistry, we have many ways to restore your smile. One of the methods we can use to repair missing teeth is the use of dental bridges. When you need dental bridges in MA, our team at Smile Boutique Dental is ready to help you achieve the smile you want with expert dental care. But what conditions require dental bridges to repair? Let’s find out.


Here are the most common circumstances when we use dental bridges to repair missing teeth.


Maintaining Tooth Alignment

Missing teeth don’t just disrupt a beautiful smile, they can also cause your teeth to come out of alignment. When a tooth is missing, the other teeth will move to fill in the gap. The shifting teeth can cause problems with your bite because your teeth are out of alignment. A dental bridge “bridges” the gap between your teeth and holds them in place. Not only will you feel confident in your smile again, but you also won’t have to worry about problems from misaligned teeth.


Resolving Chewing and Speaking Difficulties

You don’t realize how important all your teeth are until you lose one. You probably don’t realize that you use all your teeth when eating, whether it’s for biting or chewing. Your teeth are also essential to being able to speak clearly. To form certain sounds, your tongue has to press against your teeth at the right angle. If the tooth isn’t there, you aren’t able to articulate those sounds clearly. This can cause frustration for you and the people you are trying to communicate with. Dental bridges can help restore clarity and confidence in communication.


Alternative to Dental Implants

Dental implants are aesthetically attractive options to replace missing teeth, but receiving dental implants can be an uncomfortable experience for some people. Dental bridges are an alternative that does not require an invasive procedure. If you have a sensitive mouth or are uncomfortable with dental procedures, a dental bridge is often a viable option.


Beautify Your Smile with Dental Bridges in MA!

At Smile Boutique, we want you to have a beautiful and healthy smile. If dental bridges in MA are the best fix for your missing teeth, you can rely on our experienced and friendly staff for top-notch dental care.


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