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Cutting-Edge Technology at Your MA Dentist Office

We are dedicated to giving our patients the best possible dental care at Smile Boutique. Training and experience are key to giving patients great care, but so does having the right tools. We use the latest oral care technology so we can assess, diagnose, and treat both major and minor complaints. With this technology in our MA dentist office, we can give our patients the care they need to stay healthy.


Here’s a closer look at some of the technology and tools you’ll find in our MA dentist office.


Vitalize Pro Oral Cancer Device

Even people without a personal connection to cancer know that it’s vital to catch it early. Oral cancer usually presents as an abnormality in the mouth. Early stages can be difficult or impossible to see with a simple visual examination. However, with the Vitalize Pro, we can see abnormalities that would otherwise remain unnoticed. We can then follow up with further examinations to identify whether the abnormality is cancerous.



Tracking the progress of reconstructive and cosmetic dental care relies on accurate images of the patient’s mouth. The iTero is an intraoral scanner that generates a 3D image of a patient’s mouth. The dentist can compare the image to previous images to see how the treatment is improving the patient’s teeth and determine appropriate next steps.



X-rays are a technology that dentists have been using for decades, but we are always learning more so we can use these images more effectively. X-ray images allow the dentist to see problems with a patient’s teeth that are not visible to the naked eye. Typically, a dentist will take x-rays regularly to identify any new issues or abnormalities.


Intraoral Cameras

As important as professional dental care is, it is also essential to keep up with your oral hygiene at home. Dentists and hygienists can see parts of their patients’ mouths that they can’t get a good look at themselves. With intraoral cameras, they can show their patients different angles to better see the effects of their oral hygiene routine. The visual aid helps patients to see what they are doing well and what parts of their routines need to improve.


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Next time you take a trip to your MA dentist office, take a moment to appreciate how technology contributes to your oral care. Our staff is always willing to answer your questions, so if you see a device you don’t recognize, just ask us what it is and how we use it in your dental care.


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