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Set your nerves aside as your first visit to Smile Boutique is a consultation with one of our highly trained hygienists. Your hygienists will obtain your health and dental history, perform a quick examination to assess the condition of your concern (no drills required), and take x-rays. This information is then shared with our dentists to prepare for a return visit.

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Preventing dental disease and feeling confident about your smile starts with a phone call. Our team of expert MA dentists is committed to providing a full-service, personalized experience to promote, restore, and maintain optimal oral health.

Clients with a Reason to Smile

Beautiful Smiles that Last a Lifetime

Our dedicated team of Massachusetts dentists believes that everyone deserves a healthy and attractive smile. Whether you require assistance to achieve optimal oral health, would like to improve aesthetics, or require restoration to your teeth or gums, we have the resources and expertise to help.

Smile Boutique provides comprehensive consultations and second opinions. We work hard to ensure your confidence, health, and access to quality dental care are manageable!

BOTOX Injections

BOTOX® cosmetic injections are the most requested facial rejuvenation treatments in the world. From age reversal to dental condition pain relief, it is easy to understand the appeal. At Smile Boutique, we proudly offer BOTOX to our clients to help achieve the results you desire.

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Do Adults Need Fluoride Treatment?

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