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Teeth Whitening MA: Dos and Don’t After Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is great for many reasons. It helps boost confidence and makes people feel more secure with their smile. 


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Avoid Certain Foods and Beverages

For long-lasting results, you’ll want to stay away from food and beverages that have dark or pigmented coloring. This includes foods like red sauce and other dark sauces, dark fruits, dark chocolate, and artificially colored candy. Beverages to avoid are things such as coffee, tea, sodas, red wine, and highly acidic liquids. Avoiding these foods and beverages will prevent any staining from occurring. 


If you must or want to drink any of these beverages, however, we recommend using a straw to drink them, at least for a few days! After your teeth whitening appointment, stick to lighter-colored foods like chicken, pasta, fish, bread, and other things alike. 

Be Consistent With Your Hygiene

While it’s important to have consistent proper oral hygiene, keeping up with it after your appointment is especially vital. We recommend brushing and flossing after each meal. By doing this after each meal, you’ll be able to avoid any staining that could occur from leftover food debris stuck between your teeth. 


Using a whitening mouthwash and gentle whitening toothpaste is also a great way to prolong and enhance your results! If by any chance you consume dark-colored foods or beverages, these items will definitely help to reduce any chance of stains developing.

Extra Precautions to Take 

As we know, tobacco products can stain teeth, and using them after whitening your teeth can increase this likelihood. Just as it’s vital to avoid consuming dark-colored food and drinks, it’s also important to avoid using colored dental products! 


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